Monday, May 9, 2011

Life IS Abounding

My oh my.........this week has certainly been a highlight of my life...........On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 my 2nd grandchild, a boy, was born.............Welcome to Life my dear Ryan Thomas Duran.  He made his entrance weighing in at 8lbs, 4oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  He's already sleeping 4-5 hours at a time and the whole clan is a very happy family.............!

Another first on that same day was Gabrielle's first black eye/shiner.  She was playing in the hopsital room and "connected" with the sink - as you can see, the sink won.  Just had to share!  Here's what it looks like!!!

From the beginning we wanted this garden to be about faith, family, friends and food!  It's kind of come to be our "motto"! 

On Saturday, we had the privilege of brining Gabrielle (3yrs. old) to the garden and spending most of the day with her.  Daniel came by as well and spent time.  Wow, three generations together on a beautiful day, working, talking, sharing, teaching, just plain interacting without any electronic device to aid us.  Talk about experiencing all of these in one fell swoop.....This IS what life is about.  Here are some pictures from our time spent together AND some of our harvest for this week!  Just as a side note, we enjoyed a wonderful salad last night at dinner on the patio!!!

Our sunflowers are now taller than a 3 year old!!!

Conversation between Daniel and Gabrielle went something like this:  Gabrielle:  Bubba, let's play bubbles.  Daniel:  I don't have any.  Gabrielle:  Well, buy some.  Daniel:  I don't have any money.  Gabrielle:  That's OK, Gammy has some!!!! (BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHA)!!!
Of course, Gammy just HAD to get her her own garden tools........just like Gammy & Papa!!!
AND, she certainly put them to good use!
I have to say, she LOVED the green beans - ate them right there in the garden.  She was so excited that she got to pick them herself and the EAT them!!!

Here's some of our harvest - green beans, zucchini, radishes and a WHOLE LOT OF LETTUCE!
So, as you can see, our "little" garden has been and continues to be a source faith, family, friends and FOOD!

Happy Mother's Day to all those who give birth, who bring children to live with you in your home forever or for just short period of time, who nuture, mentor, love up close or from afar, teach, coach or in anyway interact with children...........that IS God's GREATEST (and a lot of times, the hardest) gift!  How blessed we are to be the recipients/vessels of that gift!

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