Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Everthing Old is New Again"

I'll bet many of us 50 plus boomers can recall some attempt during childhood of a garden, or raising some chickens, or even having pantry with real staples like flour,beans,rice and the like.  No one could ever imagine or conceive of a 24 hour grocery store.  You went out bought your staples (usually more than one or two meals at a time) put them away and bingo "time to eat".  Well, we can thank our parents for some of that, but greater thanks goes to the grandparents who instinctively knew to have some of the basic stores on hand.  Many remember Grandma's small garden of tomatoes, green beans, some simple herbs and the like, and this for me was in an urban environment (tract homes no less) in west Texas. 

Well as Cindy mentioned this is an effort on the part of some very dear friends to recapture some of that "can do" spirit that was so inherent at a time when progress didn't mean casting aside what it is that makes us wholesome.

Perhaps with a little work, commitment and becoming important to one another we can once again discover the old and enduring truths that some of us have devalued in the name of progress.  My bad knees, hips, and Jane's back not with standing " Everything Old is New Again" 

Thanks for checking in on us

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