Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Begins!

Welcome to Bee Satisfied.    

We are 4 great friends who share a love of family, friends, faith, food and now....farming!!!!

We've been talking about the promises and challenges of the future.  After many late nights of discussion (and pizza & wine at our local hangout!)  we found agreement on so many principles -one of which - talk is cheap - put your ideas into action! 

Instead of complaining about the economy,the rising cost of gas and food, the brokeness of our society, all the bad news in the media - we started talking about what we could do about it - here and now.

An idea emerged-
Let's start a garden, relearn the skills of our ancestors and pass them along to the next generations.

Now this is not just any garden - this is a "huge" garden and it's right in the middle of the city.  None of us have any farming experience, we have very limited gardening experience and  to top if off - we live in the Arizona desert. It's a good thing that we're not afraid of hard work and commitment.

We'd like to share what we learn along the way.  We will all post to this blog and hope that you join us on the journey.
Jane, Ric, Matt & Cindy


  1. Awesome...just awesome!!!! I am so excited that you guys are doing this!!!!!

  2. May God grant you patience and a bountiful harvest (not just food).