Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Tis the season.......

No, not the Christmas season, but a seaon that is quite poignant, nonetheless.

A season of preparation, reflection, waiting and anticipation, nurturing, hope, forgiveness, and finally, new life springing forth.

I look at our garden and reflect…..reflect on the preparation of the soil, the planting of the seed, the watering and tending (weeding, fertilizing, etc), the hope that the seeds will take root (deeply and hardy), the anticipation and excitement we feel waiting to see the first sprouts of life push through the soil bringing new life that will bring our bodies sustenance.  This garden is truly in its season.

This year, a season of awaiting the birth of our 2nd grandchild (a boy) due ANY DAY certainly fills the bill of many attributes of “’Tis the season”.  It’s been one of preparation, waiting and anticipation, nurturing, hope and new life.  This child and new life is truly in our season.

This is also the season of Lent.  Again, a time of preparation and reflection.  A time of waiting and anticipation.  A time of forgiveness and mercy.  A time of great hope.  A time to prepare our hearts for the most glorious gift given to us – the Resurrection of our Lord.  It is the completion of God’s promise to give us eternal life in heaven even after our earthly bodies have died.  This Church is truly in its season.

Reflecting on all the facets this life has in this season I cannot imagine how anyone could not BEE in awe!

Praying for a Spirit-filled Triduum and a happy and HOLY Easter!
(Pics to follow)

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